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For my burned out world-changers...

I know you might be in a place of #exhaustion and maybe even some #hopelessness. The moment you realize the system won’t change no matter what you do, you’ve discovered the #indifference of man, when you realize the war you’re fighting won’t be won in this (or any) lifetime. The hopelessness doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. There is, in fact, nothing to fix. It’s just your body telling you that it’s time to rest and heal. I know you’ve always been able to push through, and the trail to your amazing achievements is blazed with completed to-do lists. But you can’t ‘out-work’ your way to #hope. You have to come back to yourself.

You see the best in people which is why the work of protecting and healing can be so damn hard. Yes, there is evil in the world, and evil will be held accountable. Maybe by you; maybe by someone else. Your job is to do the best you can by harnessing the times you have energy. But then also recognizing the valleys which are opportunities for rest.

How do you start this journey?

1. Recognize you’re not the lynchpin to mission success. “But if I don’t do it, who will?” You are an important cog in your space, but I promise it won’t fall apart if you take a break. This is a lesson your ego also needs to learn

2. I’d rather you feel guilt than resentment. Setting healthy boundaries with energy-suckers in our life will always create backlash, because you’ve always said “yes” and catered to their every need. You are a thoughtful, introspective person. But boundaries must replace the to-do list for this short season. Saying “yes” from a place of overflow yields more fruit and is way more enjoyable, but you have to learn how to fill your own cup first

3. Explore the hopelessness and/or frustration. We tend to want to make them go away, but they are powerful tools your body is using to tell you something is off. You can’t make them tell you, but you can give them space to breathe and open up to you at the right time

Want to talk through some of what you're experiencing? DM me or book a virtual coffee here 👉🏽

Artist: Chiara Bautista


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