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There will only ever be one you

and that wasn’t an accident

Much of the struggle in life we experience is a result of not being clear on:

  • Who God says He is

  • Who God says we are

  • How God built us

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Let's keep it real...

If you actually believed that God was working all things for your good, you’d have taken the leap years ago when He nudged you too.

Finances wouldn’t stop you from doing the thing God tells you to do, because when you truly understand and believe that He is always going to provide, nothing will stand in your way. 


Because when you actually believe that God intends for you to live a life of abundance, you shift your focus away from what you don’t have and give mega-thanks for what you do have. 


Because when you are finally able to recognize the lie, you have the choice to reject it and replace it with the truth:

you are meant for a powerful, authentic, big, joy-filled, badass life.

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"Before working with Alani, I had little to no understanding of what a life coach was and how working with one could improve my overall cognitive well-being.  With Alani’s guidance, I’ve been able to follow through with my goals and overcome adversity in order to finally materialize the journey that God has planned for me.  If you are ready to put in the work, God will truly work through her to help you grow."


God uses me as a tool to help my amazing clients uncover:

  • What they actually value (not what society or even the church tells them they should value)

  • The unique and beautiful way God built them

  • Where God is calling them to

  • The action plan to take active steps of faith to make that mega-dream a reality

“I felt really suffocated as a result of years of anxiety.  Thanks to your help, I was able to learn I was being robbed by listening to my negative self-talk.  When I really figured out how to interpret God’s promises for myself – not how everyone else tells me I should –  I was able to gain the confidence I’ve been searching for my entire life.”

ARE YOU fed up living a life of shallow faith? DO YOU know you were meant for more?

Book a complimentary discovery call today

There are zero strings attached.  If we’re not meant to work together, I trust God will reveal that.  If I’m meant to connect you to another incredible coach who is a better fit, I trust God will reveal that.  


How to Work with Me


One-on-One Packages

Dedicated Support to Help You Break Free

A 3 month support package


Includes 12 60-minute sessions, unlimited emergency mini-sessions, and email support

Not Playin’:
God Bless this Hot Mess:

A 3 month support package


Includes 6 60-minute sessions, 2 emergency mini-sessions, and email support.




Scholarship opportunities available. Contact me for more information



Empowering your group or organization


A 4 hour training

Includes all materials

Starting at : $39/person

Full day:

An 8 hour training

Includes all materials and a 30 minute coaching clarity call

Starting at : $79/person


Speaking Engagements

Partnering with organizations that want to help their employees push past their limits to reach personal and professional heights they couldn’t have ever imagined.  Because when people feel valued as they are, they will blow you away with their limitless potential.

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