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"Your weakness is your superpower."


Studies show 70% of people experience imposter syndrome -- the inability to believe your position, accolades, and other successes are deserved and the persistent fear of being found out to be undeserving. To compensate, your imposter syndrome demands perfection which results in exhaustion, burnout, lack of fulfillment, and hopelessness. Alani's experience having led thousands of people across 50+ countries and coaching hundreds of clients has shown her that people are hungry to be met in the pit of their fears and accepted exactly as they are. By shining a light onto the dark spaces of their imposter syndrome, Alani helps individuals understand the uniqueness and beauty with which God built them and the mission He has for them. Most importantly, they arrive to the truth that the things we perceive as weaknesses actually point us to our greatest strengths. 'The Least of Us' is an invitation to learn the tools and techniques Alani has honed over the last two decades. This clarity results in the ability to stop white-knuckling their way through life and confidently walk out of their wilderness and into their Promised Land.

About the author: Having served two decades as a military officer and supervisory special agent, Alani Bankhead has dedicated her life to seeking justice and protecting vulnerable populations from attack and exploitation all over the world. As an international speaker, TEDx presenter, and professional leadership coach, Alani's new mission is to encourage others to understand their unique gifts and calling so no one suffers through fear and imposter syndrome the way she did.

Book "The Least of Us: How Your Imposter Syndrome Points To Your Greatest Power"

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